Teahers Course

Danish Ballet Masters is offering a Teachers Course in Bournonville.

The 2 days Course will be in August 5 & 6.

At our Course, you’ll learn steps from the famous Bournonville Classes, the style, musicality and technique, which is making Bournonville world famous in the dance world today.

The course will also include the original piano score from the Bournonville steps, taught on the course!

Both Linda Hindberg and Mogens Boesen will be teaching at the Course.
They themselves learned it form the famous Danish Bournonville experts Hans Brenå (who got it first hand from Bournonville student Valborg Borchsenius) – Kirsten Ralov and Fredbjørn Bjørnsson. This old Danish tradition is now passed on to you and to your students.

Price: 800$

It’s possible for teachers to observe our 2 week Summer Intensive

Price: 650$

For registration please contact info@danishballetmasters.com