Summer Intensive Ballet Course: Deadline for registration, payment terms and other terms

The 2-weeks Summer Intensive fee is $1450.

Students admitted to the Summer Intensive must submit their final registration no later than April 15th 2017. The submission is valid when Danish Ballet Masters have received confirmation by mail or Email including prepayment of $ 725 (50%) of the total fee. The final payment is due by June 1st 2017. Danish Ballet Masters does not make course fee refunds of any kind after June 15th 2017.

In case of oversubscription, Danish Ballet Masters will immediately contact the student(s).  In the unlikely situation that Danish Ballet Masters should cancel the program due to unforeseen circumstances of any kind, all student payments will be fully refunded. Should such circumstances occur during the execution of the course, and the remainder of the course to be cancelled, a fee refund proportional to the part of course (full days only) not taking place will be made by Danish Ballet Masters. Danish Ballet Masters cannot in any way be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss for the students or students’ third parties, or for damage, loss of property or injuries inflicted by the students at the Rose Building property, agents or employees, before, during and after the execution of the 2016 Summer Intensive Ballet Course. Students are covered only by their own medical insurance in case of personal injuries, and Danish Ballet Masters is not responsible for any expenses in relation to medical coverage or injury.