The Danish Ballet Masters Summer Intensive audition will take place at:

 The Rose Building,
165 West 65th street New York
NY 10023

 FEBRUARY 4, 2017
Registration: 09:30 AM

Audition starting: 10:00 AM – 1 PM

Applicants must bring the following with them to the audition:

  1. A copy of the completed and signed audition form + also bring 1st arabesque and headshot photo
  2. Audition fee $35 (cash only)
  3. Procedure C applicants only (see info below)

Do you have questions? Find the answers on our website. Also go to FAQ, where you will find answers to most questions.

Please note Danish Ballet Masters cannot be contacted via the Rose Building phone numbers, email addresses. See how to contact Danish Ballet Masters: Contact

Audition application procedure

The audition is open for dancers 15 & up on an advanced, pre-professional and professional level.

Auditions are available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis, and may quickly fill to capacity. Therefore we do recommend that applications be submitted ASAP and well before the audition takes place.

(A)  Preferred application procedure

(B) Video audition

Applicants living abroad or unable to attend the audition at the Rose Building in New York:

  • Mail the form + 1st arabesque and headshot photo and video DVD by post to:

Linda Hindberg
Fyrresvinget 5,
2840 Holte, DK Denmark

  • Or via Wetransfer or Dropbox. Please see in our Contact section how you easily do that.
  • Notice that the deadline for Danish Ballet Masters to receive video applications is May 15 2017.

Video audition instruction:

Please record the following on the video, total length of maximum 5 minutes with separate sub-sections. Women, please wear tights and a leotard, and men a unitard or tights and a form-fitting top.  Please no costumes, skirts, loose fitting t-shirts or leg warmers.

Introduction Section:

(1)  A close-up shot in which you state your name, age and (brief) previous dance training

Technique Section with or without music accompaniment. Sub-sections:

(1)  Grand Adagio with développés in each position, promenades and pirouettes
(2)  Petit Allegro including: jetés, temps levés, assemblés and beats
(3)  Grand Allegro including grand jetés and tour jetés, and either balancés or waltzes. Men, include simple tour en l’air.
(4)  Women, also include pointe work: relevé in 1st and 2nd position, passé to 4th position and pirouette en dehors from 4th position, pique turns, and chaines.

Audition results

Approximately 1 week after the audition, a final admission notification status will be emailed to each applicant.

Application Form